SAFETEA-LU Section 4(f)

The recently passed federal highway reauthorization bill, SAFETA-LU, contained provisions relating to Section 4(f) impacts.  The new bill allows for flexibility in 4(f) requirements if an alternative will have a “de minimus” impact, i.e., if there are no adverse effects on historic properties as determined by the State Historical Preservation Officer, then those alternatives can be considered and approved. The previously eliminated alternatives have been reviewed to determine if the “de minimus” rule can be applied.     

–        S2 will have a “no adverse effect” on the Cox House

–        M2 will have a “no adverse effect” on the Foremen House

–        S4 will have an adverse effect on the Windy Hill Farm


With the recently passed federal legislation, Alternatives S2 and M2 can be reconsidered. Alternative S4 is still eliminated from consideration.

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