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Because the construction of a roadway, or in this case, the reconstruction of U.S. 31E, can have such a profound impact on the land, animals and people near the corridor, environmental assessment studies are a vital part of any construction project.

Environmental assessments give engineers the tools needed to consider project factors like cultural and historic resources, terrestrial resources, aquatic resources, air quality, noise levels, socioeconomic factors, archeological factors, and hazardous materials/underground storage issues. Each study will be followed by a formal report to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), and study analysts will work closely with local, state and national level officials to complete the studies accurately and in a timely fashion.

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Environmental Document Preparation:

At this time, the document is anticipated to be an Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding Of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for regulatory compliance requirements. It will be a concise, analytic report devoid of unnecessary detail and description. Volume will be minimized through the use of high quality exhibits, maps and matrices, and through precise summarization and incorporation by reference of technical base studies. The consultant will adhere closely to the standards established by the joint FHWA/DEA issued EA and FONSI Guidance documents and close coordination with the District, DEA and FHWA will be maintained throughout the process.

Timeline of Progress
UST/Hazmat Base Study Approved 11-03
Air Quality Base Study Approved 12-03
Noise Base Study Approved 3-04
Cultural Historic Base Study Approved 4-04
Socio-Economic Base Study Approved 4-04
Aquatic/Terrestrial Base Study Approved 7-04
Archaeology Base Study Approved 11-04
Revised Environmental Assessment Submitted 12-04

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