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The Historic Resources Assessment and Section 106 Compliance activities will be accomplished by a historic preservation specialist who will be extremely familiar with KYTC's requirements and expectations, as well as the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) regulations and documentation mandates. This knowledge will ensure full compliance and thorough consideration for the numerous historic sites present in areas surrounding this project. The work components will include an in-depth field examination of all standing structures in the project area and a thorough investigation for historic significance of all structures over 50 years of age. Identification and documentation of all sites determined to meet the criteria of the National Register of Historic Places will be prepared and a formal report will be submitted to KYTC and SHPO for review and approval.

The Section 106 Review of Historic Properties, a component of the Cultural Resources evaluation, is an extensive, time-consuming process that involves members of the public as well as project team members. Click on the Section 106 Review Process button to see a complete description of the process for this project.

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