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One committee has been established so far during this project. The committee is directly linked to the Section 106 Review of Historic Properties, which is a segment of the Environmental Assessment.

In order to fully involve the public in the alignment development process, a Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) was formed to serve as a community based sounding board for the project team. The CAG is a group of 60 individuals from various demographics representing the community at large. The CAG has met 4 times (February 10, March 10, April 8, and April 21 during 2003) on a variety of issues ranging from determining criteria to evaluate alternates to commenting on a set of new alternative alignments developed from improved environmental information and public comment. Through each step of this process, mail-outs were sent to over 750 households within the corridor to solicit information on which issues should be considered as well as to identify the most important of the final set of issues developed by the CAG. A public meeting was held on May 8, 2003 to present the preliminary alignments to the public. Questionnaires were distributed at the public meeting to request feedback on the alignments and specific issues within the corridor.

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