Safety Considerations in the Southern Section

The alternative S2 follows the existing alignment from Nazareth Drive to KY509.  S2 is a multilane urban facility.  It has a 14ft flush traversable median, curb and gutter at the outside edge of the driving lanes, and sidewalks adjacent to the curb and gutter areas.  Currently there are over 100 access points to US31E between Nazareth Drive and KY509.  Those access points will be maintained as much as possible with this alternative.

The alternative S1 follows the existing alignment from Nazareth Drive to South of Sullivan Lane.  From there it travels to the west of the existing alignment before tying back into the existing in the KY509 area.  South of Sullivan Lane the roadway is the same as proposed with S2 above.  North of Sullivan Lane to KY509 the roadway is a multilane rural facility with a depressed 40 ft median and full safety shoulders.  South of Sullivan Lane existing access points will be maintained as much as possible.  North of Sullivan Lane access will be provided at 6 locations with a minimum spacing of 1200 ft between.

The depressed median typical has been proven to have an approximately 33% safer crash rate than the center turn lane. To increase the safety of the alternatives that follow the existing route in the south, roundabouts and raised medians will be considered. These safety considerations will make Alternative S1 and S2 comparable with regards to safety. Raised medians will eliminate left turns from driveways, forcing vehicles to turn right and U-turn in a roundabout, which will be located approximately every 1/2 mile to 1 mile.  

·        Roundabouts decrease intersection accidents by as much 40% and serious injury and fatality accidents by as much as 90%

·        Roundabouts increase traffic capacity by 30% to 50% over traditional signalized intersections

·        Raised medians have a 30% lower crash rate than two way left turn lanes.

·        During Peak periods, travel times for right turns followed by U-turns are comparable to delay times experienced by vehicles tuning left across heavy traffic.



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