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Preferred Alternate Selected 10-13-05

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has selected a preferred alternate for the US 31E in Nelson, Bullitt, and Spencer Counties from north of KY 332 to the Salt River Bridge. A tremendous amount of interest and input from the local community has been received on this project over the past years. This input was considered along with several other issues, including engineering and environmental impacts, in order to make a balanced decision. Significant investment has been made in this project in both time and resources over the past three years in order to gather the input and information needed to recommend the preferred alternates.

Alternate S1 has been recommended in the southern portion of the project. Alternate S1 follows existing US 31E from Nazareth to south of Sullivan Lane. Prior to Sullivan Lane, the alternate travels to the west of the existing route through Greear Estates and Creek Pointe Subdivisions. Although both alternates considered in the southern section were similar, S1 contained the least number of relocations in the Greear Estates and Creek Pointe subdivisions.

Alternate M3 has been recommended in the middle section of the project. M3 transitions toward the existing roadway and travels just to the west from KY 509 to just south of Whiteside Drive, then crossing to the east of the existing roadway traveling behind historical properties before traveling back to the existing roadway near KY 523 to south of KY 480. Alternate M3 travels closer to the existing roadway and has better terrain and less stream impacts than the other alternate considered.

Alternate N3 has been recommended in the northern section of the project. Alternate N3 travels close to High Grove, offsetting the existing roadway from 1,200 to 2,000 feet. Alternate N3 is closer to the existing roadway than the other alternates considered and utilizes the existing Salt River Bridge.

Now that S1-M3-N3 has been selected as the preferred alternate, final environmental studies will be performed and a final environmental document will be prepared and submitted to the Federal Highway Administration for approval. It is anticipated that these studies and document will be completed by mid 2006. Upon federal approval of that documentation, federal funds can be appropriated for right of way acquisition, utility relocation and construction of the project.

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